Classic Car Electric Conversion

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Check out our latest video. Miriam, the VW T2 classic camper has been converted to 100% electric power.

Read more about the 50e Conversion here

Transcript available below.

so today’s the day Miriam is going to her forever home, this afternoon is a glorious day up here in North Yorkshire for that to happen so we just wanted to record what’s going on here. the customers are very excited to receive this 100% electric classic camper so let’s take it to them. This really is an amazing vehicle; so it’s an assembly 40 kilowatt hour battery pack motor and gearbox and inverter it’s got a 107 brake horse power it’s just immense, it’s far too powerful for what the camper was built for really but it means you can drive there’s no clutch there’s no gear stick, all I’m doing is kind of to pedal driving and even that I’m only really doing one pedal driving, because we’ve who turned the re-gen breaking up the little bits just to mean that as we’re driving that re-gen can account for quite a lot of my braking. so compared to a normal car what I’m having to do is just look a little bit further ahead than I normally would and accounting for that with my acceleration but yet letting the regen do the braking for me. it’s great for range it’s great for saving my brakes it’s just the great all-round option with this kind of vehicle. so this is a 1973 VW Transporter a teento camper when we bought it was a minibus and that was perfect to these clients because they needed access for a wheelchair to go in the back and we’ve done all of that. so we’ve got a ramp in there we’ve got secure points to secure a wheelchair in the back it’s going to be great, plus with all that power everything we’re doing with this camper van it’s just made everything better so much better so we’ve got 7 kilowatt charging on here as well as regular 3 kilowatt charging we’ve also got rapid charging included seen in charge of a Chadamo rapid charger which will fill you up in less than an hour, so on the motorway services as you’re kind of pottering about, that’s really ideal and so yeah as we got to pull this together we’re really proud of how this has turned out and we’re really excited to get this to the customer that’s what it’s all about, part of you would love to hold on to it because it’s such an incredible vehicle but the whole point is that the customer gets their vehicle

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