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After months of trialing and sourcing parts and guides, Classic Car Electric Conversion Kits are now available from eDub Services. Using the best Hyper9 and HPEVS motors, you can achieve a full electric drive for your classic car or camper. We currently have 4 kits available with approximately 25kW Tesla battery packs for each but act fast; these won’t be available for long. These will give your vehicle anywhere from 60-90 miles range, or double the pack for double the range! These kits are very simple installs, performed at eDub HQ over a few weeks.

The packs are £30,000 including VAT for a fully fitted, tested and brilliant conversion. Double packs are available for £35,000.

Check out our latest video. All you need to know about a Classic Car Electric Conversion Kit

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Hello and welcome to another video from eDub Services, which includes eDub Trips and eDub Conversions among other things. It’s really great that you’re with us today. I just wanted to give a little bit of an overview of some stuff that’s going on around the EV conversion market. Specifically our topic today is all about electric classic car conversion kits. Now for me that’s slightly ironic as my name is kit, maybe that’s what we’re talking about today but no. I’m talking about specifically something where you have some kind of DIY type electric conversion package that you can get, and you can put into a car, specifically classic cars.

Why Classic Cars?

Now why classic cars? We get this question all the time. We get people equally asking us about classic cars but also about modern cars and we say what’s the difference can I put this into? For example, we specialise in the camper vans, they say can I put this into my T4 or my T5 something really modern. The short answer is yes an electric conversion can go into one of those. The long answer is; but I wouldn’t.

And the reason behind that is converting a classic car is simpler. For one reason classic cars they don’t contain nowhere near as much as the intelligent wiring that’s needed for modern cars to just monitor and run everything. There’s lots of plastic panels and compartments everywhere in modern cars which you’ve got to workaround to fix an electric conversion parts. So using the classics is just a lot more straightforward. Also, in my opinion, the classic design of classic cars where everywhere from the 50s right the way up to the early eighties is just unmatched. In classic cars you have some of, in my opinion, the best and vehicles ever designed and ever created in that period so it just matches perfectly to take something iconic and beautiful a classic car and make it electric.

There’s also at the trade offs in that most classic cars were not created with incredible power. Obviously some were, most weren’t so to trade the trade off from a classic car to an electric powered classic car you don’t have to go with a massive amount of change to put in. Even though obviously you can get the incredible torque and the incredible power from stuff like you know the Tesla Motors and things like that, you don’t need to do that.

So you don’t then need to do all of the modifications the original vehicle which is more time and money and you’re messing with the original. Some purists which I think part of me is somehow don’t want to do that. You don’t want to really modify all of the car too much otherwise it loses, I think its soul put it that way and so, yeah electric classic car conversion kits.

Can I buy a kit?

The question you’re asking is are they available then I’m going to say yes. There are companies such as ourselves offer conversions, there’s also companies such as electric classic cars who were based in Wales here in the UK. Their kind of strap line on their website is they can convert the car for you or they can give you the parts to convert to yourself.

Positives and negatives of both so obviously if you want to convert the car yourself, maybe you’re a tinkerer yourself, maybe you like to get involved in this kind of stuff, you want to see how it all works then great there’s a positive there obviously as well. Because you’re doing it yourself you’re saving the time and the labor that other companies would charge to do the work for you so there’s a positive there and a bit of a saving of doing that.

The negatives that I will highlight for you is so as a personal example; We started back in 2013 and we never anticipated becoming experts in this industry, it kind of happened by accident. Mainly because we relied on experts to do certain work for us and I think maybe our demands are a bit higher than what they could cope with, and maybe I was a bit more of a perfectionist than they were willing to deal with. So I pushed and wanted to create something really incredible and so we kind of became industry experts without really meaning to.

Dealing with different suppliers, different availabilities so much of the supply chain of the last five years has obviously increased dramatically, but at the beginning there wasn’t tons going on so we had to learn where those were, whether there was anything here in the UK or in Europe rather than having to get everything from overseas. We built really great relationships with people doing all of that so having that knowledge is really beneficial. We’ve learned that over the long haul normally by trialing and erroring but we’re now there which is great.

The other thing that I will put on this obviously when you’re doing electric conversion you are dealing with high-voltage electricity. Anywhere from some of the smallest voltage packs are around 60 to 70 volts, which is still lethal, but actually to do a decent conversion you’re up towards 400 volts. And that’s predominantly because 400 volts is the optimum voltage for powering decent motors so things like Tesla things like the modern motors that need to be used run off those high 400 volts.

The other benefit is that for you to really get a decent charging system in your vehicle so using some kind of rapid charging, whether that’s CHAdeMO or whether it’s CCS you need 400 volts just to be able to manage that, so by putting those pins in the map effectively it creates the system of what you’re trying to build together, but dealing with that high voltage means you have to be careful dealing with that high voltage and it’s incredibly powerful, it is lethal dealing with high voltage like that so you need to know what you’re doing so to just fumble in with you know with with no tools and no knowledge and start messing with high voltage and you’re setting yourself up for a bit of a bit of a disaster.

So those are my kind of pros and cons of the DIY electric conversion kit but then there are companies such as ourselves again so we deal with some element of consultation so we would happily if you get in touch with those but maybe you want to do a bit of a build on your own and you don’t know where to start we would happily compose those kits for you work out what you need and work out the best sourcing to match what your vehicle is and help you to avoid those mistakes so again get in touch if that’s something that you want to you want to explore because we can definitely shortcut any of those mistakes that might possibly made or any of those fears you’ve got over those systems.

Who else is doing this?

Also with the electric classic conversion kits you may have seen so electrical classic conversions, they’re getting around you’re seen them all over. Companies like Aston Martin are making their own electric conversion kits they’re doing it incredibly sympathetically to the vehicle so I think last I heard they’re doing it to match the range of the Aston Martin conversion will be the same as the range if you filled it with petrol, so they’re matching that.

I think they’re keeping the transmission so you’re still changing gears to make it feel like an Aston Martin I believe they are also keeping the noise they’re creating artificial noise to make it sound like an Aston and so if you went for an Aston Martin conversion you are getting away from the fuel, which is brilliant that’s a very good reason to change it means you can keep driving in and out of these city centres, which are increasing the the load on that. For me, I like the way electric vehicles drive over the petrol equivalents, and so I like the way that that works so for me.

Personally I’m thinking I would rather keep some of that electric difference, the power and the torque and the acceleration and I like the quiet they give. Some people say electric vehicles must make a noise, I like the fact that they’re quiet, especially dealing with classics especially dealing with classic campers that normally you can hear from a few miles away. I like the fact that I could sneak up on people.

We’ve got a VW garage near us who does some of the and the core VW engineering stuff for us, and he doesn’t hear as coming but he does, so when we arrive obviously he hears the doors close and open etc, and he recognises that as a VW noise and but he immediately thinks ‘well I heard a VW door, but I didn’t hear a VW engine, therefore it must be Kit with one of his electric campers’, and that’s a fun little thing that we have with our local VW garage.

How much will it cost?

So a classic car electric conversion kit, if that’s something that you’re looking for then why not get in touch with us why not talk to someone like electric classic cars over in Wales, and we can point you in the right direction of something that you might be interested in. At the moment, for ourselves, prices start from around £28,000, depending on the finished product.

Companies like VW are currently getting into this market conversion kits. Their kit alone will start at I only know it in Euros, but it will start at €39,900 just for the kit for a conversion. You’re adding on anywhere up to another twenty thousand on top of that. And I do know that VW are doing, you may have seen their electric classic Beatle conversion, I know that if you wanted to buy one of those fully finished, including vehicle conversion, labor everything is going to be around the around the ninety to a hundred thousand pound mark so I think it’s a really exciting industry to be part of.

We’ve come into this we’ve had a long run up into this so again starting from 2013 we’ve had a long run-up to see how this is turning out, We’re in a really great position now to really make the most of the technology that’s available in the market. We’re not starting from scratch that’s really cool so please get in touch if you’re interested in any of this stuff, make sure you follow us on all the socials, we’re on Instagram we’re on LinkedIn you can find us eDub Services on LinkedIn or on Facebook or on Twitter.

And then if you’re watching this on youtube why not subscribe to this and see more videos that are coming out. And also obviously make sure you check out our website so specifically, and have a look at what’s going on over there. It’s great to chat to you please keep in touch and we’ll speak to you next time, Cheers

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  1. You mention adding fast charging capability, have you added CCS to any of your conversions yet?

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