What is eDub Doing about Covid-19?

What is eDub doing about Covid-19? The world has changed, but as a SME, this is how we are managing the pandemic, staying safe but staying open where we can.

We hope that you are all staying safe too, and we look forward to enjoying life when this is all over.

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Hi everyone, this is Kit from eDub Services, just checking in making sure you are all safe and giving you a quick update of what’s going on with eDub. We as many other businesses are toeing the line between staying open and operational, and staying safe in these times. We’ve all got predictions of what’s coming in the either close or far future but we’re just we’re just trying to carry on as best we can. We don’t want to just close things down really if there’s no reason to at this stage so just an update of how that’s affecting what we’re doing. 

eDub Trips

First of all; our trips service so eDub Trips is having to go on hold for at least the next three weeks. The latest announcement from from the government was that campsites themselves are having to close for the next three weeks so ultimately a trip would be a bit useless really. It is actually still illegal for you to camp just on the roadside so it’s kind of impossible to do a trip. So trips are on hold for three weeks. In terms of that you can’t take a booking for the next three weeks you can make a booking, so the website is still live and you can still make a booking for later on in the year when we’re all over this self isolation or when the rules relax slightly which is more likely. I mean self isolation in an electric camper I think it’s the perfect way to do this. We will, in this process, we will be honoring bookings that people have made so if people have made bookings in the next three weeks we’ll be contacting them to move them free of charge, no admin. no booking. to another more suitable date later in the year. Similarly if you make a booking with us past these three weeks and maybe the rules change and the extension for lockdown gets brought further along, again we will honor the bookings that you’ve made and reschedule completely free of charge so don’t worry about that. From our aspect but yeah self-isolation in the camper is perfect so that’s how eDub trips is operating at the moment.

eDub Conversions

eDub Conversions is operating much the same as it was before. Currently our supply chain is still the same so we can still get hold of parts from our suppliers as and when we could. We are dealing predominantly with uk-based suppliers at the moment so we can get hold of most things still quite quickly which is great and because of the size of our team is really small we are not held back by kind of some of the social distancing issues with the manufacturing. So eDub Conversions is carrying on just as it was before. So again if you’re if you were toying with the idea of a conversion; that’s still on the cards something that you interested in then please get in touch and let us know.

So that’s kind of how we stand at the moment we here at eDub HQ. We hope that you are all staying safe, we hope that you are all staying well and we hope that this time if nothing else is that we can get through mentally I think it’s difficult at the moment as well just mental health is stay really strong with you guys. So stay strong, bless you all thank you for standing by us in this and we’ll be in touch real soon, so thanks a lot, cheers, bye.