Can I buy a Classic Car Converted to Electric in the UK?

Can I buy a Classic Car Converted to Electric in the UK?

Great question! I’ve done the hard work for you, looking through what’s available, but also using some inside knowledge to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes with classic car electrification. Transcript below.

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Hello and welcome to another video from eDub Services, my name is Kit Lacey; Managing Director hereat our Company. Today we’re dealing with a question from you which is; “can I buy a pre converted classic vehicle to electric here in the UK”. Let’s have a look at the answer.

The short answer…

OK, that question again is: Can I buy a classic car that’s already been converted to electric power and now here in the UK? The short answer is ‘no’, unfortunately. It’s now, I think, it’s at the stage where the technology has been around for a little while now.

But it’s not it’s only just recently started to get to a point where companies such as ourselves can get hold of reliable supply of parts and create repeatable onward looking projects. So people like ourselves, we specialise in converting classic VW camper vans so to that end. We’ve done enough of them now to almost create a bolt on conversion kit which is bringing prices down bringing conversion terms down. But that’s kind of as close as we’ve got right now.


The closest equivalent that you can find really is somebody like VW themselves. So VW have recently announced, you may have seen through starting with the classic beetle that they’re able to do conversions. Or you can go and buy a classic beetle that’s already been electrified. Now the way they do it is VW use the technology from their existing VW E-up. Now if you’re familiar with the VW up or the VW e up, as we are here up in Yorkshire; then what they’re doing is taking the bottom of that so the drivetrain and the chassis of that and taking a Beatle classic beetle top and kind of plugging them together. The prices for that start around a hundred, hundred twenty thousand pounds. That I don’t know if it is a kind of walk in buy one walk out. I still think it’s more of a specific you’ll call up with your spec as you go. They’re not gonna have a showroom where you can just kind of drive one away but that’s kind of almost as close as you can get right now. 


There are plenty of companies where, if you’re willing to go even more bespoke than that, or if you have a vehicle ready yourselves the classic vehicle that you want converting. There are companies such as ourselves, here at eDub. There’s companies such as electric classic cars, Zero EV, london electric cars, they all happily convert a classic car that you’ve already got or they will help, I think that we’ll all, including ourselves, they’ll help source you a classic car that you may want to convert as well. VW are doing that in some aspects as well. Working through a company down in London called Jack’s Garage who are becoming the supplier effectively for VW. Supply of drive trains that you could then bring your classic vehicle to and they would do the splice for you. Effectively to create a beautiful classic electric vehicle. People like ourselves and other companies around the UK are on the books to be able to receive those conversion kits as well and so that’s all coming really quickly. 

I know that other companies have started to work with. There’s a company down there Silverstone called Lunaz who are again working on batch models of very vintage things like Rolls Royces and Land Rovers, no not Land Rovers, Jaguar, sorry. You know, 20s beautiful vehicles and again, they’re building them from the ground up with electric drivetrains; so that we can continue enjoying them for another hundred years if not more is the idea. So there’s loads of that kind of stuff available now. In terms of if you look online to conversion kits there’s not much as I said before. I found a little bit of information from a company if you found Again, I think they would they were specifically if you have a Fiat 500, you will bring it to them and they’d Electrify it. So they created a kind of bolt on kit and I think that was in partnership with electric classic cars over in Wales but I don’t know if that’s, I think it’s still going but I think you have to have the Fiat 500 yourself. 

High End

And then there’s even the opposite end of the scale. People like Aston Martin who themselves are converting things like DB8s, but they’re doing a really interesting way. They’re trying to retain and keep some of the originality of the vehicle. So they’re taking the DB8s or whatever it is they’re converting and they’re keeping the gears, they’re keeping the sound, they’re keeping the power ratios, everything is about the same. There’s even something where a tank of fuel in these classic Aston Martins would get you about 250 miles; so they’re trying to replicate that with the battery pack they’re doing it all so that barely you don’t even notice any difference. But you can keep enjoying the electrification and these vehicles, which is a brilliant angle I haven’t heard anything from them in a little while so I’m not sure if they’re still doing it. 

Can I buy a Classic Car Converted to Electric in the UK?

But it was a brilliant idea either way and I just want to leave you with one final thing. I did find so if you’re if you’re in the lookout for picking up a classic electric vehicle right now: this is the closest you’re gonna get and it is you can find this on eBay; an electric milk float. That is the best you’re gonna find! Now whether it’s classic or not I’ll let you guys argue that, I think it’s quite cool. So you know the old-fashioned milk floats they had never went very fast at all they were powered by horrible old lead acid batteries, but the dimensions and the space of those that could be anything. That could be a camper it, could be a people carrier, it could be a bar, it could be all sorts. And if you want it I mean you can pick one up on eBay for about 15 to 20 thousand pounds. You don’t remove any petrol stuff it’s a very simple Drive and if you wanted to upgrade it to something really usable then; you know where we are. give us a call.

So that’s all that I was managed to find online. Keep in touch with what’s going on with us here at eDub Services. Why not subscribe to this video; write a comment below with your thoughts on electric classic cars. Get in touch with us there’s links below of all the things that we’ve spoken about. And if you have a classic vehicle that you want to give back a bit of freedom with electrification; then why not get in touch. But until next time, stay safe and we’ll see you soon. 


Can I buy a Classic Car Converted to Electric in the UK?

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