Don’t miss these Barn Finds!

Don’t miss these Barn Finds!

Who doesn’t love a good Barn Find!? Kit from eDub Services talks us through 3 of his favourite Barn Finds. What are they’re going for and how much they could be worth?

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Hi, this is Kit from eDub Services, great to see you here as we join another video. This time we’re going to be talking about something that’s really exciting for me. We’re going to be talking about Barn Finds. We get loads of people getting in touch looking for this kind of thing. Wondering when these kind of things turn up and we always love this kind of thing as well. So let’s take a look at what we were able to find out

When you’re watching TV, you’re watching one of these programs and they just come across something that’s just amazing. Rare, incredibly cool, but most of all cheap. I love that you find something this may be you ignore someone doesn’t quite realise how amazing it is or doesn’t quite realise how rare it is. I love the transformation that you can take those vehicles, do stuff to them, completely convert them round. Now obviously, in our circumstance. we want to be electrifying these vehicles. Now don’t worry about that, bear with us that’s what we do. We Electrify these classics because it’s great. Don’t get me wrong, and don’t hate me I keeping things original trying to keep them as original as possible. But for me, the experience of these classic cars is, yes, looking at them, they’re gorgeous, but driving them.

Now if the original engines are useless, or really an either they’re stopping you from traveling because they’re so unreliable. Or as as you’ve seen around the world at the moment: There’s loads of companies and loads of loads of places that are stopping you going to city centres to start with. But it won’t be long before national parks, I think, will stop you traveling into these places if you’ve got an old car. Because it’s just so inefficient and is so pollutant. So what better keep the beauty keep the exterior keep the interior just make it drive cleaner. That’s what we’re all about so let’s dive straight in some Barn Finds. There are three that I have found for you just doing a quick search and this morning. Let’s see what’s available and they are amazing.

Number 1

So number one, have a look at this. So this is a Morris Minor. Now I love these cars, they are so quirky, they’re so cute, can I say that? I’m not sure I’m allowed. And I love the shaping of them I love the design of them. I love the simplicity of them. This particular barn find look at this, it’s asking for a price of eight hundred pounds. Eight hundred pounds, three figures is what they’re asking for this barn find.

It’s a 1954 Morris Minor. It’s an original for restoration and what the description is that they’ve given is that it’s a barn find. I love these Morris’s with their split screen originality. So before you were able to get these lovely curved wind screens on our modern vehicles that these beautiful split screens. And even little things like Morris’s. This particular car has done fifty-five thousand miles,. It’s a four-door, obviously it’s tax and MOT exempt because of the age of the vehicle, but that does not mean you shouldn’t keep on top of them. That is becoming a bit of an excuse for people in my opinion to not take good care of their vehicles.

It’s located here in the UK. Now what’s incredible about this eight hundred pounds is what they’re asking for. Now a restored Morris Minor can go for anything from just a quick look around, anything from £5,000 sale right the way up to £20,000. You can get a really decent Morris Minor sale for £20,000 so I think eight hundred pounds an investment to get something like that done up would just be incredible. Now of course putting electrification into these, yes is going to cost you a little bit more but the sale price can go up as well and so you can put in a decent battery pack into these as available, talk to us, and these will be a great thing to add to the future of these vehicles.

Number 2

Number two, the second barn find that I was able to locate this morning is a this. It’s a 1956 Renault Dauphine. Now again, I love this car it’s a proper little kind of rally car it’s really pokey, it’s really it looks a bit like a submarine to me I think, it kind of needs to have those wheels that fold under… you know what I’m saying. I love this little vehicle, see it’s 1956. Now this particular one again it’s a barn find so it’s been in dry storage. It’s been halfway through a restoration, this is quite common and obviously the guy who did it originally as run out of time, but yeah, it’s just been left in this particular place.

Now this particular one they’re claiming was only the third car of this type imported into the UK. It’s incredibly rare and they’re saying at the moment there are only 29, not 29,000 not only 2900 simply 29 Renault Dauphine’s on the road in the UK at the moment. Now that’s sad but it means it’s rare. It means it’s a really brilliant find. Now this particular vehicle again needs a bit of an overhaul. It’s got all the original stuff inside it but again another quick look at this.

So they’re asking £5500, I’ve done a quick look at these can be selling a restored renault dauphine for around £20,000. So you’d be paying about five and a half you could sell it for twenty so a decent restoration I think that’s a good fine to be getting hold of. It wouldn’t cost you that much looking at the blurb of it wouldn’t cost you that much to get it restored up into a really decent state.

number 3

And so my final vehicle for you of course I had to bring in this vehicle here. It is, of course a T1 splitty camper van. Now I’m always looking for these. This particular one, splities are incredible, splitty campers, for some reason they they fetch about twice as much money as the bay windows that we’re familiar with. They’re actually I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one in the flesh, they’re actually either the same size or slightly smaller than the bays. You see them on pictures and on imagery and you think they’re quite big and quite huge vehicles, they’re not, they’re quite pokey actually for the vehicles they are but obviously, they’re are a style icon.

This particular one it says is a 1970, that’s incredibly modern I’m not sure that’s quite correct 1970 I’m not sure they still made splitys right up to 1970 but there you are. This particular one is located in Brazil. Again, this isn’t uncommon for for type twos. It’s a big place where they’ve got a lot of these vehicles over in Brazil and they’re willing to export them out to other places. So this particular splitty is on the market for five thousand eight hundred pounds. Now that’s crazy in my opinion. I know a decent price for you know a mobile but you know not working splitty is around eleven or twelve thousand. So that price is just right on the money for me.

Now obviously it needs a complete overhaul, that paint job is hideous. It needs splitting, it needs a respray and that’s going to cost you at least five thousand pounds just on the spray job. That will obviously uncover other problems and need the bodywork. Even just doing that the interior isn’t bad. It’s a complete blank canvas, exactly what people want with these campers. Even with all of that done, you’re only probably shelling out eight maybe nine tops thousand pounds for this. That’s bringing it to about the mark you would normally expect to find these in this condition.

Now here’s what’s incredible about the splities; doing a quick search online, you can buy or you can sell a done up splitty really good condition anywhere from twenty four thousand, that’s a pretty basic splity right the way up to sixty plus thousand pounds. That’s incredible. These splities are worth so much money when they are done up. So for me, you can grab these and pick them up get hold of them and of course, where we are eDub have the battery capacity perfectly suited. We’ve already converted all of the framework and the battery packs to make these fully electric.

And doing a barn find is the perfect way to do this. Because you’re already you’re already getting something so just like this camper that I’m in now Indie. We bought this it’s not quite as a barn find but a blank canvas, and this is perfect for the same reason. This T1 splity and is again a blank canvas. You could build it from the ground up with electrification. We could you could put so many batteries in these things, they’ve got so much space to be able to do that. We can do it to 200 miles range and in these in these packs so do get in touch

If you want anything more about those so that is my list of barn finds. I hope you enjoyed listening through what’s available. Just from a quick look round and the kind of things that we can be looking for. Stay tuned for more videos coming up. Hit that Bell for subscribing and subscribe to this channel to be notified of more. Please visit our website you can find us there or as well. Look around for us, follow us on the socials and follow this journey as we help these classic cars to find freedom again. Catch you next time

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