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Classic cars deserve to live forever, and if not forever, as long as possible. But their technology is outdated, causing them to be excluded from parts of the world. Plus, as parts become harder to find after a breakdown, they can be forced into the shadows. But why not, electric? Keep the experior but enhance the interior. Give the old girl some fire in her belly, with parts that are not only simpler to manage, but achieve incredible drivability and complete green credentials. There is no better choice for a classic car.


Classic cars cost a lot to run. Not just the almost constant maintenance but the fuel cost. With an electric conversion, fuel cost will be less than half. Plus, with many green tariffs on energy, solar charging and some free public chargers, topping up can be nothing at all.


An engine has many moving parts. All need to work perfectly for the vehicle to operate. All it takes is for one part to fail and the whole thing grinds to a halt. An electric conversion contains around 10 times less moving parts, so less to go wrong, and more time to drive.


We use the latest electric technology, with the best energy dense batteries and most compact motors. So a conversion today will be the best available. But this industry is moving fast and you don't want to be left behind. Don't worry about it. If, in the future, you want to upgrade your batteries or motor, you can easily. Plus your original parts won't be worthless, they will go onto a new life in another capacity. The entire conversion is reversible so if you change your mind, or sell the vehicle on, it can go back the way it was (but why would you?)


We replace the engine and gearbox with a single speed Drive Unit. This eliminates the need for a clutch or gear stick, and enables smooth, powerful driving. The build is programmable so if you want a load of power out of your Golf Mk2, we can do it.


We already have vehicle restrictions in cities throughout the world to try to reduce pollution. Soon, we believe, these same restrictions will apply to national parks and other beauty spots. What's the point in a classic car if you can't drive it anywhere you want? Be free of restrictions by driving electric.


Electric classics also have great potential as business vehicles. Whether for wedding hire, or corporate use. Many festival sites are restricting engines and generators so why not power with onboard electricity. Speak to us about your ideas.
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