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We specialise in bringing new life to classic cars and camper vans. By creating 100% electric drivetrains, we can all enjoy classic vehicles for another 50 years. Covering every classic car owner, we will offer affordable, electric upgrades to those on a budget, plus; luxury, high-end options completed to the highest standard, complete with fully electric drive.

eDub Trips Ltd. Was founded to offer the world's first 100% electric classic camper to hire for holidays around Yorkshire. There were many teething problems in the early days meaning Kit had to learn on the job. Diagnosing issues and learning new software for operating the vehicle. In 2018, after popular demand, eDub Trips was rebranded as eDub Services, offering a conversion service alongside the original hire and wedding service. Our first project was a Datsun 240z for Nissan themselves. We helped with early design work to electrify this vehicle using a new Nissan Leaf battery pack and motor. Since then we've stuck close to our specialty; classic VW campers.


eDub started in 2013 with an idea hatched on a road trip (where all the best ideas happen). Kit Lacey, sat in the passenger seat asks "How hard would it be to put an electric motor into a classic camper van?". Gilly Lacey, Kit's mum and senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering At Teesside University replies "Not that hard..." From that moment we've never looked back.


In 2020 eDub Services moved to new premises and took on contracted Technicians to help with the work load. Now, our range of expertise covers Porsche 911s and Golf Mk2s, with any other classic up for consideration. eDub Services is growing from strength to strength, driven by a passion to help classic cars Find Freedom.