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"Our vision is to support partners in electrifying classic vehicles worldwide, providing valuable advice, comprehensive solutions, and the essential components for successful conversions."


At eDub, we are passionately committed to transforming classic vehicles into modern, sustainable marvels. Our unwavering mission is to support and empower partners worldwide in their journey to embrace electric conversions with the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you're a passionate enthusiast or a dedicated automotive professional, eDub offers an unparalleled range of solutions, expert advice, and essential components to guarantee the successful electrification of your classic vehicles. Rest assured, with eDub by your side, you'll witness your dream of a greener future on the roads come to fruition.

Our Values

Proven Expertise


Established in 2013, eDub is the longest-running classic car electric conversion company in the UK. Many years of expertise in the field mean we will find the most suitable conversion for your classic car.

Cutting-edge Technology

Innovation is at the heart of eDub Services' success. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology and training for our staff, ensuring that they can handle the most advanced EV conversions and maintenance.

Customer-centric Approach


We pride ourselves on providing personalised services, transparent communication, and fair pricing. All our electric conversion kits include comprehensive instructions and free technical help prior to, during, and after conversion.

Our Solutions

Design & Simulation

At eDub, we specialise in the design and simulation of classic vehicle electric conversions. Our expertise extends to both internal eDub Control Boards, bespoke fabrication, and EV powertrain systems. We use advanced tools and software to meticulously plan and simulate every aspect of the conversion process. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating electric powertrains while preserving the classic car's original charm. With eDub, you get the best of both worlds: efficient performance and authentic aesthetics.

Electric Conversion Kits

At eDub, we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality electric conversion kits to suit various classic vehicle models. These kits make electrification straightforward, ensuring smooth integration, reliability, and exceptional performance. With robust motor systems, dependable battery packs, and user-friendly components, our kits meet industry standards and come with expert support, making your conversion journey hassle-free.

Guidance & Training

eDub provides comprehensive guidance and personalised training to support you in your electric conversion journey. Our experienced team will support you from start to finish and offer detailed training sessions and informative resources to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and maintain your electrified classic vehicle confidently. Our goal is to empower you to embrace the future of sustainable transportation with ease.


High-quality, purpose-built parts and components for your electric vehicle conversion needs with global shipping

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    Zulu's Owner

    "My experience with eDub was fantastic from right at the beginning. There are some really nice guys out there looking at electrifying cars, but eDub stood out - slicker, easier, better presentation, much clearer about your offerings, and the whole pack and framework are just really neat.

    When I took off in the van, I immediately knew that it was the right decision. Zulu is just driving so beautifully, really smoothly, but with exactly the right power and the same kind of lovely feeling as a vintage car!"

    Solbrit's Owner

    “When I first came to see my Converted Classic Camper at eDub, it was amazing! The big thing wasn't just to see it, but to hear it - the magic moment of turning the ignition and it's almost nothing! Especially the new feature of rapid charging will definitely change my traveling experience. Now the world is ours!”

    Miriam's Owner

    “There isn't anything like driving an electric classic VW Camper! It's just so much fun and green all the time. You are doing a tiny bit towards saving the planet by running the vehicle on electricity.”

    Maggie's Owner

    “This was really really cool to experience that my new electric camper van can have so much power. It's really smooth, it's really nice, and you feel really safe."