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Some of our frequently asked questions

  • How far does it go?

    Our eDub Platform gives bewteen 2.6-2.8 miles per kWh. So you can expect around 100 miles from our smaller packs and 170 from our larger packs. Watch the video here

  • How fast does it go?

    How fast would you like it to go? We install Zonic 70 motor in our conversions capable of up to 93BHP. This is twice the power as the original had on paper, and three times the average actual running power. Plus; all that power is avaliable from 0RPM

  • How long does it take to charge?

    CCS Rapid charging comes as standard at 70kW on our e Packs, this method of charging can take between 20 and 60 minutes. Our t packs feature 6.6kW charging on board for over-night charging. Check out our Vehicle Options page to compare.

  • How much does a conversion cost?

    It depends. Our most popular conversions are over £50k but prices generally start at around £35k. We have a range of conversion opotions to suit your build; less range + less power = less cost. Our basic prices can be found here with a video explaining the factors here

  • Can you convert any vehicle?

    If the registration is before 2001; yes. You will save approx £5k and 3 months if you are looking for a conversions we have already done, check out our past projects. If you have a car different to this, we take a limited number of unique builds per year, so get in touch to check our avaliability. We can fit between 20-80kWh battery packs and between 50-600BHP motors. 

  • Is the build reversible?

    Yes, we use all the original mounting holes and don't cut the chassis at all. You can keep the original drivetrain for future use.
  • Do you offer conversion kits?

    Yes, to trade only. Contact us if you are in the classic car restoration, or electric conversion industry. A conversion is only as good as it's fabrication which has to be made bespoke for each vehicle. Therefor, we can't supply plug and play conversion kits suitable for any car. We can supply componants for your conversion here. We can also offer consultancy for your project to make sure you start off on the right foot. Contact Us

  • Can you carry out other restoration work?

    We work with some incredible partners offering everything you might need to give your classic car a new lease of life. These services are available in addition to our conversions.
  • What about Historic Status?

    Historic statuis is reserved for vehicles that still retain most of their original features. Converting to electric is a substantial change so the historic status is removed. Our conversions are bolt-on, so the historic status can be reinstated if you ever wanted the conversion reversed. An MOT is required with this kind of change, but we recommend this anyway due to the aditional power we place into the vehicles. 

  • Do I need to re-register my car?

    No. Our conversions are bolt-in and so do not change the chassis. As only the running gear is altered; the original registration, and it's classic herritage can be retained. We provide a letter upon completion to change the V5 to electric. The DVLA have occasionally inspecte our work but have always certified it as acceptable.

Check out our most popular video FAQs here: