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Why Choose a Classic Car for your Wedding?

Are they a good idea?

Hello and welcome to eDub Services, my name is Kit Lacey and I’m here to answer the question, why should you consider a classic car for your wedding? 

So maybe you have a wedding coming up, or maybe you’re thinking about all the plans that need to be made for the big day. And one of the things that’s going be required is some form of transport, whether that’s a collection for the bride from the place where they’re getting ready, in the morning to the church or the ceremony reception venue. Sometimes you’re going to have a venue for the wedding and a venue for the reception separately, some transport will be needed between the two. You’re also maybe going to need some transport from the reception to the final location. Or maybe you wan tot combine all those things together and after the reception you wanna pack up into a vehicle, maybe a camper van, and sail away into the sunset to begin married life together.

Now classic cars tick the boxes for many different reasons. For many people the wedding day is something where you want to have people looking at you and saying how good you look, or looking and smiling and waving, and a classic car is part of that occasion as your driving between these locations, you can have people smiling and waving, they know it’s a special occasion and they want to be part of it with you. 

Classic camper vans are also really great because they have a lot of space inside; it’s not a small vehicle. if you have a big dress, or you want a bit of space, you can open that sliding door and climb in quite easily, it’s not a poxy car which you have to hoick yourself in and out of. As you’re driving along and people are waving and smiling, the other great thing about classic cars is they are going to attract attention. But of course you want them to attract attention for the right reasons. You don’t want them to attract attention for being stopped on the side of the road with maybe some hazard lights on, or attracting attention for the noise or the cloud of smoke following them. So maybe an added bonus for you would be having a classic car that’s also electric like one of our eDubs.

So our eDubs are available for hire for weddings, you can find out more information on our wedding page on our website, but they tick a lot more boxes that simply being a beautiful classic car: You will get people smiling and waving and joining in with the day when you drive past in your classic camper. Also there’s no smell, because it’s fully electric. There’s no plume of smoke so you’re not going to get that smell clinging to your outfit for the rest fo the day. You’re not going to have people turning and staring at you because of the sound, they’re going to be turning and staring because of how it looks.

Also, you have that reliability. There are so many things to plan for a wedding, the last thing you want to worry about are classic cars breaking down or not making it to the venue. We unfortunately hear quite a few stories of people who book their classic car and, a lot of classic car places have a back up as quite a normal option as on the morning of the wedding, they’re not really sure if the car you have chosen is going to turn on and make it to the venue. Electric classics don’t have those same problems. Electric classics are going to be a lot more reliable on the day, which is just another thing to take off your plate. Trust me, as a married man you want to eliminate as many worries from that day as possible. You want to try and enjoy that day. 

So maybe you’re considering an electric classic camper for your wedding. If you want more information on that then head to our weddings page on our website. Maybe drop us an email or drop us a comment. Have a look at the pictures of the weddings we’ve done in the past and maybe an electric classic camper would suit you perfectly. We’ve also used our camper as photo booths in the past where people have hired our campers for the transport and then the camper has stuck around at the reception venue as a photo booth, that’s worked really really well. And finally, maybe you want to combine the wedding hire with a short trip for a few days afterwards as your mini-moon straight away after your wedding, there are packages available for that so drop us a line.

Follow the link to go to our weddings page for more information. If you have any questions about weddings then please drop us a line and we will do our best to answer them.


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