• How far does it go?

    How far would you like it to go? Range depends on so many factors including aerodynamics, weight, driving style, weather etc. For a large vehicle, like a camper van; we can go up to 235 miles average range per charge. Smaller vehicles will go closer to 270.
  • How fast does it go?

    How fast would you like it to go? We can install a large Tesla dual motor in our conversions capable of up to 600BHP. This is fully customisable and we prefer to rate the motor as close to the original as possible to save upgrading other components of the vehicle.
  • How long does it take to charge?

    CCS Rapid charging comes as standard at 70kW on our e Packs. Our t packs feature 6.6kW charging on board. Depending on your battery pack size, this method of charging can take between 20 and 60 minutes. Check out our Vehicle Options page to compare.
  • Is the build reversible?

    Yes, we use all the original mounting holes and don't cut the chassis at all. You can keep the original drivetrain for future use.
  • Can you carry out other restoration work?

    We work with some incredible partners offering everything you might need to give your classic car a new lease of life. These services are available in addition to our conversions.
  • Do you offer conversion kits?

    Yes. All 5 of our conversion packs are available as DIY packs, including all parts and support. Plus, we can set you up with all the tools you’ll need to help your conversion go smoothly. Contact us for more information.


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