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Can I send you my camper to convert?

Which campers can we convert

And which ones we can't

We are able to convert a lot of classic vehicles, especially Volkswagen T2 Camper Vans. If you have a different type of camper van that isn’t a T2; we could still be able to help. There are a couple of requirements that your vehicle needs to meet before we are able to perform an electric conversion. The number one restriction that we face is that the DVLA have very strict rules when it comes to electric conversions, and don’t allow any vehicle with a registration after January 2001 to be able to change their fuel type to electric. Because of this; you miss out on a lot of benefits of having an electric car; such as being able to drive in a 0 emission zone, you will still have to pay tax for your vehicle as if it was the stock fuel type. 

If your camper falls into the category that we are able to do (registration pre-2001) then the current condition of the vehicle doesn’t matter. It can be a camper van that is able to drive and is fully restored, or if it’s just a shell with no engine. We are able to take both and will be able to organise any additional restoration work that you want carrying out. We are able to out source any type of restoration work to trusted, local, expert specialists. 

We aim to make the process as smooth as possible. That is why we are able to to organise any uk transportation of your vehicle, no matter the current condition. This will be organised by ourselves by collecting the vehicle in person, or have a trusted transport company that we use regularly. If you feel more comfortable organising the transportation of your camper van then that is absolutely okay with us, the only information required is time and date of the delivery. 

If you don’t have a camper van, and are thinking about having it converted, we can be more than helpful with locating and sourcing the camper that you are after. 

If your camper van is unique, and is something we haven’t done before, but also falls in the category that we are able to convert it (pre-2001); there are a few things and will need to take into account. The first being time and expected finish time for a camper van to be done. Because we won’t have done your type of camper before; there will be a lot of unknowns that we may encounter; causing the project to take longer than advertised. The second thing you should consider is that we are only able to take on a small amount of unique vehicles a per year. This would have effect on the start date meaning it could be 6-12 months before we would be able to take your vehicle in to the workshop and make a start on the conversion. The third thing that would have impact on the process is that the cost would be higher than advertised. The reason being with every new vehicle we receive in the work shop has to go though a long and expensive design process to ensure that the vehicle is cable of being converted and will perform to the best of the vehicle’s abilities.

If you have a camper van you’d like us to convert, we’d some to see it. Head to our contact us page and let us know all about it, we’ll get right back to you to ask for some pictures and talk you through the process.

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