Can you imagine a better vehicle to convert than a classic camper van?

The original ‘hippy wagon’ captures the green culture and deserves to be powered by electrons. Electricity is already at the campsite so plug in and top up as you sleep.

One of the beauties of a VW camper is it’s versatility. Bumper to bumper, it’s no longer than a Nissan Leaf, and yet, there’s so much space. A camper can be anything you want it to be. A couple’s retreat, a family adventure, or a billboard on wheels; the only limit is your imagination.

If you don’t already have a vehicle, we can source one for you. We can also take charge of your interior ideals. Nothing is too complicated for us to create your perfect electric machine.

Our Campervan Options

VW Campervan

Perfect with our e80 pack
  • Range:

    235 Miles *
  • Power:

    Up to 600 BHP
  • Charge

    52 minutes (0-80% at 70kW rapid)
Our e80 pack starts from £59,999
*Our range calculations are based on real world cruising conditions at 50mph


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