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Prices and Options


By designing electric conversion packs tailored for each type of vehicle, eDub has made your decision so much simpler. The key information you need, such as range, charge speed, power, and price based on our previous projects, is easy to see and compare.

Note: Prices for conversion packs may vary depending on the specific vehicle model, condition, and customisation options. Contact eDub to receive a personalised quote tailored to your car's needs and specifications.

Other classic cars are also available to convert. These require more time and cost for the necessary R&D to carry out the conversion safely. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in electrifying your classic vehicle, so you can embrace a greener future with style and confidence.


Zulu's Owner

"My experience with eDub was fantastic from right at the beginning. There are some really nice guys out there looking at electrifying cars, but eDub stood out - slicker, easier, better presentation, much clearer about your offerings, and the whole pack and framework are just really neat.

When I took off in the van, I immediately knew that it was the right decision. Zulu is just driving so beautifully, really smoothly, but with exactly the right power and the same kind of lovely feeling as a vintage car!"

Solbrit's Owner

“When I first came to see my Converted Classic Camper at eDub, it was amazing! The big thing wasn't just to see it, but to hear it - the magic moment of turning the ignition and it's almost nothing! Especially the new feature of rapid charging will definitely change my traveling experience. Now the world is ours!”

Miriam's Owner

“There isn't anything like driving an electric classic VW Camper! It's just so much fun and green all the time. You are doing a tiny bit towards saving the planet by running the vehicle on electricity.”

Maggie's Owner

“This was really really cool to experience that my new electric camper van can have so much power. It's really smooth, it's really nice, and you feel really safe."