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Where can I Recharge my
Electric Classic VW Camper Van?

How hard is it to find a charge station?

And would my Electric Classic VW Camper be compatible?

As electric vehicles are becoming more accepted for every day use, the question of where can I charge my electric vehicle often lingers in the back of the mind of someone looking to purchase one.

Things like home charging points and public charging points are becoming increasingly more accessible. As of 2022 there were an estimated 35,000 public charging point working and operating throughout the whole of the UK. With that number steadily increasing week by week. Just over 20,000 of them being dedicated; Type 2, fast chargers (which all eDub electric classic VW campers are compatible with).

One of the main priorities we strive for at eDub is hassle free charging, this why when we finish a camper convision we recommend and provide 2 charger cables with 3 different charger adapters. 

The first method is your standard 7kw, Type 2 charging cable which is commonly used for every day public charging and sometimes used for home charging if you have a home charger installed.

The next charging cable we supply with the eDubs is truly unique. It has two different types of connections for two different purposes. The first being a 3 pin plug attachment to be used from home. And the second charging cable attachment is used predominantly at camp sites called a commando socket. This is useful at camp sites due to the fact most sites have these readily available for all of your electronics that you have wired up in your electric classic VW camper.

The bonus is that this will also charge your camper van over night whilst also being able to use all of your electronics. As a added extra; if you have rapid charging installed with your conversion (CCS) this will also open up the 4th point of charging your camper van meaning that you will be able to rapid charge granting you the ability to fully charge your camper within an hour.

In conclusion; we have tried to make it as easy as possible, and in most ways as possible, to charge your electric classic VW camper to ensure that you’re never worrying about running out of charge while you’re on your adventures.

Written by Dec Meecham