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Where are the batteries in an electric VW camper van?

Where are the batteries in the electric VW camper van?

What's the reason for their location

and why is it better...

We have been converting camper vans to electric for many years, and one of the things that we have really pushed to change has been the location of the batteries that we install. 

It’s very easy to take batteries for an electric conversion and place them inside the vehicle underneath back seats, for example, we’ve done that in the past. You can see a video where we have installed Tesla batteries in a camper van; it does work but there is a compromise to weight and there is a compromise to the interior space that you can use. In the camper van that we did previously; the batteries were hidden in some nice wooden cabinets but they were impractical for any kind of storage. So we have pioneered and tried really hard to design battery packs that fit outside the vehicle. These are stronger because they are suspended.

So unlike most classic cars where you are installing something into the top of a bonnet, so something like our VW Variant our Golf Mk2. So the strength is in the bottom of the bonnet space so you can place a battery box on top. With a camper van; everything is hanging underneath so we build a very strong subframe holding onto the original engine mounting points and we install the batteries underneath the camper van.

We have a few options for electric camper van conversion pack sizes. The bigger the battery pack; the further range you will get. The smaller range is a single box that sits where the engine used to sit. The bigger range is that same first box with an extra box underneath the vehicle where the chassis rails are.

Having all of the batteries external is good for the interior reasons I mentioned, before no compromise to your interior, or to any of-the-shelf interior that you may want. If we are converting the camper van interiors for you as well, we can give you all the options without worrying about having to work around battery packs but it’s also much safer. There is no high voltage inside the cab. Much safer for families, much safer for kids to have all of that outside of the vehicle.

Check out our Tesla camper here> Our Golf Mk2 video here> and read more about the battery location in our blog post here>

We are taking orders for our next round of electric VW camper van builds, so get in touch to put your name down.