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Winning Awards as
the UK's Most Innovative
Independent Garage

In the ever-evolving automotive industry,

innovation is the key to staying ahead of the curve and providing exceptional service to customers.

Among the many independent garages in the UK, one name stands out - eDub Services. At the Independant Garage Association’s BIG Awards on 22nd September 2023; eDub stole the show by taking home the coveted Innovation Award.

Innovative Vehicle Conversions

eDub Services has made a name for ourself by specialising in the conversion of classic Volkswagen camper vans into fully electric vehicles (EVs). This unique offering not only preserves the charm and nostalgia of these iconic vehicles but also makes us more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By replacing the original internal combustion engine with a cutting-edge electric drivetrain, eDub Services breathes new life into these classic campers.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Innovation is at the heart of eDub Services' success. The garage continuously invests in cutting-edge technology and training for our staff, ensuring that we can handle the most advanced EV conversions and maintenance. Our expertise with EVs extends to other brands and models, making eDub Services a go-to destination for electric vehicle owners seeking top-notch service and upgrades.

Customer-Centric Approach

What truly sets eDub Services apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The garage prides itself on providing personalised service, transparent communication, and fair pricing. Customers who choose eDub Services not only benefit from innovative solutions but also enjoy a seamless and customer-centric experience from start to finish.

The Awards

The BIG Awards, hosted by IGA in Leicester in September, were a hub of activity where finalists from 18 categories, plus special guests, wined and dined the night away. Special commendations and lifetime achievement awards were given to the amazing crown, representing the best of Independent Garages in the UK.

“The BIG Awards celebrates the hard work and dedication of our independent garage community and we’re thrilled to recognise and reward their outstanding contributions.” Stuart James, CEO of the Independent Garage Association expressed.


eDub Services has been recognised as the UK's most innovative independent garage through its dedication to innovation, eco-friendliness, cutting-edge technology, and customer-centric approach. By converting classic camper vans into electric vehicles, promoting sustainability, and embracing the latest technology, eDub Services continues to lead the way in the ever-changing automotive landscape. As the automotive industry evolves towards electrification and sustainability, eDub Services stands as a shining example of what an independent garage can achieve through innovation and a commitment to a greener future.