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How much does an electric VW camper cost?

How much does an electric VW camper cost

and what features do they each have?

How much does an electric VW camper van cost? That's right, we're going to be talking about money. We're going to be talking about how much the electrification of a VW Camper van will actually come out to, depending on what kind of model and conversion you are after. We have been doing conversions for many years now, we were established in 2013 and we've been working on VW campers for that entire time, so that's been really interesting to allow us to develop the kind of perfect kits that we want to be able to offer to our customers. What that really means as well is that we've been able to look at the technology that's available, look at what goes into the camper van to make it perform as well as possible, look at things like what's the space availability of where we can put things like batteries. That's allowed us to come up with not just a generic kind of “it's going to cost about this much”, we've actually come up with three different conversion packs that we feel really match what people are looking for with an electric VW camper van. 

One of those three packs is what we would call a transmission conversion. If you have a look online of what is available, if you were to search electric conversions, you would most often see a system where you have a motor that replaces the engine but everything else stays the same other than a battery pack. So your motor will bolt on  to the gearbox and you've still got a manual transmission. You'll see quite a lot of those conversions around online and we offer that conversion as well. We offer it to again match the original performance of the VW Camper van as close as possible without destroying anything. Obviously the VW camper was not that powerful so we can afford to go up to just under 100 BHP and that works really really well for these conversions. And that costs about 42 to 45 000 pounds. Now that as I said includes a bolt-on motor instead of the engine. It includes a battery pack that sits in the rear engine bay which is where most of our batteries sit. Now we've perfected the art of putting batteries outside of the vehicle. It means that you have changed a couple of things up front in the dash as well as there's a display change to show you your state of charge. There's a pedal change that allows you to have more control over the drive unit, but other than that; a lot of the vehicle stays about the same. And that's coming in at around let's call it 45 000 pounds.

We then have the other two models and those are what we call direct drive conversion. They involve replacing the entire drive system, so that's the engine and the gearbox with what's effectively an automatic system. It's actually a single speed reduction gearbox system, so not technically automatic, but it feels like an automatic and you drive it like an automatic. So up front you lose your clutch you lose your gear stick (that's arguably the worst part of a VW Camper van) and you have a little toggle switch to switch you from forwards to reverse.

There's again changes to the throttle pedal and again changes to the classic Dash to give you more visibility over the things that have been altered, but the drive is straightforward: you put down the pedal and off you go. You've got twice the power as original on the engine and you can go right up to, I don't know what the top speed is, more than you will ever need in a camper van. Definitely 70 if not above. That's been limited by the system and those two packages are available in two different battery pack sizes. 

So we have what we call the e30 at the moment and we have the brand new e60 battery pack. The e30 again has the batteries all in the rear engine bay, That's approximately a 36 to 37 kilowatt hour battery pack, all in the rear engine bay. And then our e60 battery pack is a 62 kilowatt hour battery and that's that same battery in the engine bay and a large chunk underneath the vehicle as well. We keep all of our items of conversion external to the vehicle which means that you don't have to change anything inside at all. And the prices for those; the e30 comes in at £55,000 and that is for about 100 miles range and all the features that I've mentioned. And the e60 comes in at £65,000.

That's for everything, so that's including all of the labor and it also includes what's really rare in this industry, something that we're able to offer because we use completely new components. There's nothing reclaimed here, we offer the ability to put a warranty on these vehicles as well. So you get a one-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty and all these conversions as well. Our customers have been really pleased with that offering compared to the other offers within the market.

All of these conversions, because they've been built to spec with computer modelling and CAD systems; they're also upgradable. So if in a few years time the technology changes or adapts; maybe we get faster rapid charging for example. If you want that feature in your electric VW Camper van then you can contact us or we'll let you know and you can just perform that small upgrade. As opposed to having to change the entire vehicle, so we're really proud of being able to offer a truly upgradable camper van that will last you a lifetime. 

Now the camper vans themselves; you can pick up a camper van for anything from £5,000 up to £30,000. let's put 30 as the top limit there the realistic side of things is that you need to be spending anywhere above £15,000 pounds. If you're spending less than that then you're going to be spending more than that on repairs and updates. As a broad ballpark figure a paint job for an entire VW Camper ranges between £8,000 and £13,000 depending on who you ask. If  paint's a little bit damaged or some corners need touching up, you're going to need a respray that's going to cost a lot of money. What we find is that we work with selected Partners throughout the UK who take in vehicles and perform a kind of thorough upgrade to the mechanical vehicle itself. So everything works perfectly in the vehicle. All things like paint and stuff like that are all sorted. Then we take those vehicles with customers and perform the conversions on those as well. So if you don't have a camper and you're wanting an electric then we can also help you source the perfect camper for you as well.

So I hope that answers some of your questions today. If you have any more questions then please drop a comment below or why not email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Head to the contact us page on our website the best place to go is and we will look forward to speaking to you again soon.


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