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Unleashing eDub Trade Potential:
Insights from an EV Partner
in the US

Empowering Electric Classics Worldwide

Journeying Through Electric Dreams
with a US EV Company

In the dynamic world of electric classics transformations, eDub Conversions is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends borders. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the CEO of OMC EV, an electric conversion company based in the US, who shared insights into their electric bus conversion project powered by eDub. This article not only captures the behind-the-scenes of the project but also underscores the global potential that lies ahead. Join us as we uncover the driving forces, challenges, and shared aspirations propelling our visionary partnership towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

Let's start at the beginning. What inspired your USA EV company to embark on an electric bus conversion project?

OMC EV: "Our inspiration draws from the timeless appeal of the VW Bus.

It's not just a vehicle; it's a symbol of an era that brings joy to people across the globe. The decision to convert it to electric power is about preserving cherished memories and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable transportation."

How did you first discover eDub Conversions, and what led you to seek our support?

OMC EV: "The eDub website caught our attention as we explored EV bus conversions. Their videos served as a catalyst for inspiration, showcasing a depth of technical knowledge that resonated with our vision. What sealed the deal was eDub's comprehensive support, including technical information and timely parts delivery to the USA."

Facing unique challenges in your first EV bus conversion, how did eDub assist in overcoming them?

OMC EV: "Our journey was uncharted territory, but eDub's Kit Lacey became our guiding light. Through emails and Zoom meetings, we tackled questions about Tesla drives, battery models, instrumentation, and charging solutions. The expertise shared by eDub helped us navigate the complexities of our first EV bus conversion."

What advice would you give to others considering electric vehicle conversion projects, based on your experience with eDub Conversions?

OMC EV: "No. 1 piece of advice is: To work with eDub to make your EV Conversion dreams come true.

In our networking with various EV conversion companies, eDub consistently stood out with prompt solutions and unparalleled knowledge derived from years of experience. The collaboration with eDub goes beyond business – it's like gaining a new best friend in the EV world."

Looking ahead, what are the future plans and goals for your electric bus conversion project?

OMC EV: "We're eager to bring eDub kits to the USA, starting with a 1971 VW Bus. The excitement doesn't end there; we're exploring the conversion of a 1988 Chevy Blazer and even a Porsche.

The future of EV conversions for classic vehicles is electrifying, and we're thrilled to be part of it."

eDub's Perspective: A Global-Vision Journey

Our founder, Kit Lacey, sheds light on the multifaceted support provided during the electric bus conversion journey. A virtual tour of our workshop opened a window into the work in progress, showcasing the team's capabilities and available assistance. Expertise extended to proven solutions for battery and drive unit cooling, fabrication advice on battery boxes, and insights on integration questions, including displays and harmonising new components with the original vehicle.

The eDub team leveraged our experience in specific cooling systems for VW T2 campers to assist the USA team in sourcing electric parts. By supplying parts from stock, eDub facilitated the creation of a sophisticated cooling system for the drive unit. This not only saved valuable testing hours for the partners but also ensured the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooling setup. The parts were swiftly shipped, underscoring eDub's commitment to streamlining overseas collaborations.

In a closing perspective, Kit reflects on the essence of working with overseas partners. "Working with overseas partners is always a challenge," he acknowledges. Yet, the streamlined process ensured that the correct parts were sourced, and swift shipping was achieved. Beyond business, it became an opportunity to share a mutual passion for electrification and classic campers. The key takeaway is a testament to the success of the collaboration - a journey where challenges turned into opportunities and shared interests became the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

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